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1918 – 1939

Records are available, on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database but not under any separate heading of RAF Police or RAF Provost Branch. As such, if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.

30-May-1935 A number of RAF Service Police NCOs were killed at RAF Quetta in NW India after much of the base was destroyed by an earthquake which measured 7.5 on the Richter Scale.

1939 - 1945

Unknown number of RAF provost officers, RAF Police warrant officers and RAF Police NCOs who were killed during World War II 1939 - 1945. If you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.

01-Aug-1942 Cpl Jack Lewis Revell (1180849) 31, Jaarmarkt POW Camp, Surabaya, Java. Buried in the Jakarta War Cemertery, Plot 5, Row D, Grave 2.

18-Aug-1942 Cpl Charles Samual Elsey (929549) 29, RAF Sheerness, UK. Cpl Elsey was accidentally shot in the barracks on 09-Aug-1942 by a colleague who was fooling around with a loaded revolver. The bullet entered his shoulder and penetrated his spine paralysing him. He died in County Hospital, Minster Kent (according to a letter from the Records Office dated 21-Aug-1942 although his death certificate says he died in Hurstwood Hospital, Haywards Heath).

23-Aug-1942 Cpl Alfred Henderson (1003999), involved in aircraft crash at RAF Andreas on the Isle of Man and died a few days later as a result of serious head injuries. Buried in Stirling Scotland. The Whitley stalled on take-off from RAF Andreas, crashing at West Kimmeragh Farm just outside the airfield killing most of those on board. Wing Commander Edward Vincent Knowles DFC, his girlfriend Thelma and his friend Major Tait were killed instantly. It is rumoured that it was purely a case of showing off that proved fatal.

26-Jun-1943 Cpl Albert Rich (1448643), who had been held as a Japanese POW on Batavia and in the Moluccas (Haruku) died on Haruku and is buried at the Ambon Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery (Grave Ref 14.D.5).

23-Feb-1944 Cpl James Ritchie Garriock (541034) 29, who had been held as a Japanese POW on Batavia and in the Moluccas (Haruku) died on Haruku and is buried at the Ambon Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery (Grave Ref 14.A.9).

22-Oct-1944 Cpl Francis Bleakley (1680748), Born 15-Apr-1905. He was killed in North Africa whilst on motorcycle duty.

08-Sep-1945 WO Samuel Theaker (353888) 50, RAF Bridgenorth, UK.


29-Jun-1946 Ten RAF Police NCOs killed in an aircraft crash in Malaya. Those killed were:

Sgt Ivor John May Cross (1609666) (DOB 06/07/1923) RAFP
Cpl Henry Herbert Barrington (3062924) (DOB 17/09/1927) RAFP
Cpl Peter William Bradley (1874335) (DOB 18/11/1924) RAFP
Cpl James William Hare (1141800) (DOB 06/05/1922) RAFP
Cpl Louis Soloman Levenston (1905285) (DOB 13/01/1921) RAFP
Cpl Arthur Needham (1540712) (DOB 14/02/1922) RAFP
Cpl William Stronach (1495445) (DOB 17/08/1922) RAFP
Cpl William Robert Sutton (2269585) (DOB 12/10/1917) RAFP
Cpl Lawrence Stratton Wright (2269623) (DOB 12/03/1924) RAFP
Cpl Dennis Edward Morgan (2216911) (DOB 18/03/1924) RAFP


04-May-1947 Sgt George Conwell Lynch (1801077) 43, RAFVR, RAF Police HQ, UK.

05-Sep-1947 Cpl James Brierley (3078684) (DOB 17/03/1925) 22, Hamburg Germany.


10-Jan-1948 Cpl Trevor Ronald Eric Davis (2328542) 19, Hamburg Germany.

11-May-1948 Cpl William Robertson (2280882) 19, RAF Colombo Ceylon.

11-May-1948 Cpl Victor John Lowe (2268938) 20, RAF Colombo Ceylon.

26-Jun-1948 FS Leslie Hocknell McNeil (1130768) 35, RAF Ismailia Egypt.

22-Oct-1948 Cpl Robert Knight (2364135) 19, RAF Fayid Egypt.

01-May-1948 Cpl David H Jones, aged 28, died in Carmarthenshire and recorded on the Abergwili War
Memorial, although no record exists on the Armed Forces Memorial database.


24-May-1949 Cpl Hugh Pritchard (1306045) 42, RAF Eastleigh Kenya.

09-Jul-1949 Cpl Harry Tomkins (4020569) 24, RAF Pershore UK.


23-Mar-1950 Cpl Cyril Alan Parfett (2442325), 19, RAF Howard Park, UK. Guardroom No 24 Group Headquarters - killed when the air experience aircraft he was travelling in, crashed near Aylesbury.

01-May-1950 Cpl Alan Fredrick Davies (4030137) 19, RAF Ismailia Egypt.

03-Aug-1950 Cpl George Sim Milne (4013121) 21, RAF Abyad, Egypt.

08-Sep-1950 Cpl Douglas Gee (4033295) RAF Pershore, UK.


29-Aug-1952 Cpl Gordon Thorburn (2492775) 20, RAF Waddington UK.

07-Oct-1951 AC1 Michael John Wisdom (3510006) 20, RAF Pershore UK.


26-Jan-1952 Cpl Andrew Kirk (1907378) 29, RAF Ismailia Egypt.

04-Apr-1952 FS William Humberstone (533012), RAF Halton UK.

17-Oct-1952 Cpl John Reginald Haig Gooch (4065740) 19, RAF Changi Singapore. Knocked down and killed by a taxi whilst he was on foot patrol in Singapore.

20-Nov-1952 Cpl Kenneth Frank Fisher (2513504) 19, RAF Honington UK.


05-Feb-53 Cpl John Ross Murray (4080703) 18, RAF El Firdan Egypt.

11-May-1953 Cpl John George White (4086267) 22, RAF Changi Singapore.

30-Aug-1953 FS Robert Hillier (507723), RAF Halton UK.


29-Apr-1954 Cpl Reginald Roswell - RAF Police Depot Netheravon UK.

06-May-1954 Cpl Ian Richard Stone (4119906) 18, RAF Biggin Hill UK.
20-May-1954 Cpl Michael John Brown (4131565) 18, RAF West Drayton UK.

29-May-1954 Sgt John Chew (1003835) 36, RAF Cardington UK.

28-Jun-1954 Cpl Derrick John Scott Fisher (4082144) 20, RAF Eastleigh Kenya.

12-Jul-1954 Cpl Gene Edmund Thomas Constable (4069345) 22, RAF Cottesmore UK.

18-Aug-1954 Cpl Gordon Edward Marland (4090049) 20, RAF Buckeburg Germany.


05-March-1955 Cpl Stephen Linge (2705990) 19, RAF Duxford UK. (killed on duty in a traffic accident).

05-March-1955 Cpl Michael Floyd (2586323) 20, RAF Duxford UK. (killed on duty in a traffic accident).

21-Apr-1955 Cpl Raymond Edmonds (2589497) 20, RAF Skendleby UK.

12-May-1955 Sgt Norman Alan Osborne (4090789) 20, RAF Honington UK.

27-May-1955 Cpl Michael Anthony Thornton (3516692) 19, RAF Little Sai Wan Hong Kong.

11-Jun-1955 Cpl Brian Cecil Greenslade (4150784) 18, RAF Poling UK.

13-Jun-1955 Cpl John Edward Sherman (4077608) 21, RAF Gutersloh Germany.

30-Jun-1955 Cpl Terence Herbert Skillern (4103688) 21, RAF Eastleigh Kenya.

24-Aug-1955 Cpl Raymond Peter Grayer (4069233) 22. RAF Manston Kent UK. Killed by an American soldier who went berserk shooting and killing people in his path.
24-Aug-1955 Sgt John Sutcliffe (1255969) 34, RAF Manston UK. Died of heart attack following the incident involving the American soldier who went on the rampage shooting and killing people in his path.

06-Nov-1955 Sgt Brian Tattersall (3514527) 21, RAF Ruislip UK.


02-Jan-1956 Cpl Jack Westland (4130630) 20, RAF Innsworth UK.

03-Jan-1956 SAC Gerald Hutton (3515626) 23, RAF Ballykelly N Ireland.

29-Jan-1956 WO George Dunlop Smyth (541545) 37, RAF Ruislip UK.

18-Feb-1956 Fourteen RAF Police NCOs who were killed en-route Egypt to the UK in an aircraft crash near RAF Luqa in Malta:

FS Herbert Fredrick George (531122) RAFP (42) from Carlisle.
Sgt Jack Ward Spence (4010658) RAFP (29) from Loughborough.
Sgt Brian Fredrick John Allberry (592449) (22) from Weymouth.
Sgt John Albert Spencer (643611) (31) from Dagenham.
Cpl John Raymond Cox (1922778) RAFP (22) from Norbury.
Cpl Jack Bracewell (4111464) RAFP (24) from Bradford.
Cpl John Stuart Elliott Fawcett (4116734) RAFP (22) from Rugby.
Cpl Phillip John Bly (2721129) RAFP (20) from Crowle.
Cpl William Steven (2558097) RAFP (22) from Glasgow.
Cpl Raymond Williams (4004177) (27) from Smethwick.
Cpl John David Collier (4070082) (23) from Llywnpia.
Cpl Cornelius Christopher Burke (1909756) RAFP (23) from Dublin.
Cpl James Arthur Edwards (4091828) RAFP (33) Cleobury Mortimer.
Cpl John James MacKay (1923587) RAFP (21) from Perth.
Cpl R F Waring (20) from Lancaster.
Cpl George Anderson Craigie (4076740) (22) from Dundee.
Cpl Walter George Talbot (4104881) RAFP (21) from Didcot.
Cpl Brian Charles Prachett (3513692) RAFP (21) from Parkston Quay.
Cpl Allan James Patison (2118806) RAFP (20) from Glasgow.
Cpl Thomas Kenneth Roberts (4125466) RAFP (21) from Worthing.
SAC Glenn Wortley (4115681) (21) from Wolsingham.
SAC Sidney Andrew Hodson (3142934) (20) from Market Harborough.
SAC Thomas Geoffrey Dumbill (2718862) (20) from Liverpool.
LAC Timothy Drury-Lowe (2718503) (20) from Horley.
LAC William Watterson Fleming (4079955) (21) from Belfast.
LAC Keith Emlyn Williams (4125725) (21) from Liverpool.
LAC Douglas Millar (4129461) (22) from Dundee.
LAC Dougald Brown (4122086) (20) from Dundee.
LAC Mervyn John Nurse (4122093) (20) from Cardiff.
LAC Alexander Murray Barbour (4014297) (33) from Glasgow.
LAC Gordon Kenyon (4099256) (21) from Durham.
LAC Fredrick Robert James Keating (4084173) (22) from Norbury.
LAC John Marshall Holliday (4125984) (20) from Worcester.
LAC William James Welsh (4091991) (21) from Falkirk.
LAC James Leslie Fitzpatrick (4080588) (21) from Manchester.
LAC Peter Roy Carlton (4084971) (22) from Halifax.
LAC Roy Hampson (4092401) (22) from Johnstown.
LAC Dennis Parker (4090130) (21) from Leicester.
LAC Stewart Henderson Butchard (4081381) RAFP (22) from Inverness.
LAC Ernest Richard Harris (4092027) (22) from Kimbolton.
LAC Michael Pye (3513124) (21) from Worcester.
LAC John Fortune Wilson (4091342) (21) from St Andrews.
AC 1st Class Michael Joseph Fleming (4079838) (21) from Wexford.
AC 1st Class Richard Young (4130204) (20) from Aberdeen.

(Some of the above may not be RAFP – RAF Records Office were unable to sort out who were RAFP from the passenger list)
03-Mar-1956 WO William Gwynne Lewis (508973) 47, RAF Amman Jordan.

25-Jul-1956 Sgt Arthur Matthew Paul McQuillan (3505042) 27, RAF Nicosia, Cyprus.
Gunned down by EOKA terrorists on the Limassol bypass and died en-route to hospital. He was posthumously awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct. From Down, Co. Down, he is buried at Wayne’s Keep Plot 14 Row C Grave 7.

11-Sep-1956 Sgt Stanley Richard Norsworthy (354724) 51, RAF Old Sarum UK.

06-Dec-1956 AC1 Collin John Baker (5016044) 19, RAF Netheravon UK.


08-Feb-1957 LAC George Albert Pickering (4173408) 19, RAF Seletar, Singapore.

05-Mar-1957 Eight RAF Police dog handlers and their dogs killed when a RAF Blackburn Beverley aircraft, crashed after taking off from RAF Abingdon en-route to Cyprus. Those killed were:

AC 1st Class Thomas Arnison Jones (4185813) 19, from Glossop.
AC 1st Class Tony Fredrick Blakey (5023380) 18, from Boston.
AC 1st Class William Henry Gorst (4184939) 19, from High Heysham.
AC 1st Class Raymond Thorley (5025267) 19, from Leeds.
AC 1st Class George Raymond Croucher (5022787) 19, from Roslin.
AC 1st Class Colin James Elsegood (3150159) 19, from Middlesborough.
AC 1st Class Robert Rose-Harvey (5026570) 19, from Poole.
AC 1st Class Michael John Corden (4184099) 23, from Auckland in New Zealand.

08-Feb-1957 LAC George Albert Pickering (4173408) 19, RAF Seletar Singapore.
22-Jun-1957 FS John Reginald Crewdson (610327) 40, RAF Duxford UK.

27-Sep-1957 Cpl Gordon Albert John Adams (4120442) 22, RAF Bircham Newton UK.

01-Oct-1957 Sgt James Joseph Mullan (530587) 39, RAF Leconfield UK.

26-Dec-1957 Cpl Barry Deluchi (4176186) 21, RAF Kai Tak Hong Kong. Killed on duty in a traffic accident on Hong Kong Island.


19-Jan-1958 Cpl Kenneth Brian Durrant (2693594) 34, RAF Bawdsey UK.

20-Jul-1958 FS George Cruickshank (532919) 40, RAF Gatow Berlin Germany.


16-May-1959 Cpl Harry Albert Maddin (4033434) 28, RAF Cardington UK.

17-Jun-1959 Cpl John Walter Moulding (4176493) 21, RAF Andover UK.

17-Jun-1959 LAC Ian Leitch McConnell (4244741) 19, RAF Bishops Court N Ireland.

11-Jul-1959 Cpl Peter Bohun Dodd (4086362) 25, RAF Katunayake, Ceylon.

07-Aug-1959 LAC Ernest Lloyd Liddle (1927707) 22, RAF Waddington, UK.

16-Aug-1959 Cpl Albert Roberts (4237397) 22, RAF Valley, UK.

19-Oct-1959 Sgt John Ronald Elliott (1036935) 39, RAF Hawkinge, UK.


27-Mar-1960 Cpl Phillip Gerald Payne (3525410) 20, RAF Steamer Point Aden.

27-Apr-1960 WO James William Alfred Catford (1260825) 48, RAF Innsworth UK.

21-May-1960 Cpl Barry Darling (4247961) 21, RAF Steamer Point Aden.

08-Jun-1960 Sqn Ldr Cyril Fredrick George Parsons (125561) 38, RAF Wroughton UK.

08-Jul-1960 Cpl Peter Colin Crouch (3525056) 21, RAF Changi, Singapore.

31-Dec-1960 Cpl Geoffrey Morgan (5064695) 23, RAF Kai Tak Hong Kong.


21-Mar-1961 Flt Lt John Rogerson (191335) 43, RAF Steamer Point, Aden.

24-Apr-1961 FS Edward Linford (968694) 41, RAF Gutersloh Germany.

25-Jun-1961 FS Clifford Anderson (526197) 47, RAF Limassol, Cyprus.

16-Jul-1961 Flt Lt Raymond Fisher (969702) 43, RAF Eastleigh Kenya.

19-Oct-1961 Sqn Ldr Peter Molyneux Graves (152858) 47, RAF Turnhouse UK.


02-Jan-1962 Cpl Harry Peter Barnes (3529215) 18, RAF Misson, UK.

04-Mar-1962 Cpl Clement Burgess (4253419) 24, RAF Laarbruch, Germany.

16-May-1962 Sergeant Donald Ogden (3083485) 34, RAF Episkopi, Cyprus.

16-May-1962 Flt Lt Geoffrey Owain Thomas (2771883) 28, RAF Episkopi, Cyprus.

02-Oct-1962 Cpl Patrick William Kimber (4150338) 26, RAF Uxbridge UK.


04-May-1963 Cpl Royston Mervyn Taylor (4239916) 23, RAF Seletar Singapore.

21-Aug-1963 Cpl David William George Parker (3528425) 27, RAF Wyton UK.

28-Dec-1963 Sgt William Hart (538413) 46, RAF Scampton UK.


03-Jan-1964  Sgt Robert Johnston Cannon (1784014) 51, RAF Wittering, UK.

22-Jan-1964 RAFP Aux Constable Osman Bin Haji Saad. Butterworth Malaya.

05-Mar-1964 Cpl Michael William Charles Francis (4184096) 25, RAF Innsworth, UK.

20-Jul-1964  Sgt Michael Greely (1215105) 43, RAF Kenley, UK.

01-Aug-1964 Sgt Thomas Trotter (4072812) 31, RAF Wartling, UK.


19-Jun-1965 Sqn Ldr Leslie Agar-Wilson (127028) 46, RAF Rheindahlen Germany.

21-Oct-1965 Cpl Douglas Leith Tavendale (E3527829) 24, RAF Tengah, Singapore.


17-Feb-1966 Cpl Dennis Hayler (V1926980), 28, RAF Khormaskar Aden.

10-Jun-1966 Cpl Geoffrey Burroughs (V1927835) 28, RAF Wattisham UK.


26-Jan-1967 Cpl Tuan Branudeen Ahamadeen (P4156205) 36, RAF Faldingworth, UK.


24-Mar-1968 Cpl Brian David Carvosso (H4284614) 20, RAF Bruggen Germany (Died in Holland).

20-May-1968 Cpl Adam James Robert Learmonth (K4257069) 27, RAF St Mawgan UK.

09-Jun-1968 Flt Lt Dennis Michael Culhane (504888) 52, RAF Lyneham UK.


26-Jan-1969 Cpl Alan Durkin (W4260529) 29, RAF Wyton, UK.

17-Feb-1969 Sgt Philip Nicholas Short (M4022633) 42, RAF Scampton, UK

28-Feb-1969 Cpl Peter Charles Freeman West (M4196504) 30, RAF Episkopi, Cyprus.

18-Apr-1969 Cpl Ian Robert Clephane (W4285432) 20, RAF Sharjah Gulf States.

12-Sep-1969 Cpl Desmond Nicholas (W4093901) 35, RAF Innsworth, UK.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


31-Mar-1971 Cpl John Orr Kemley Johnston Kedda (N4260082) 31, RAF Machrihanish, Scotland UK.

11-Apr-1971 Sqn Ldr Alan Cave (505121) 38, RAF Andover UK.

14-Jun-1971 Cpl Peter Douglas Lewis (S8070506) 32, RAF Cosford UK.

09-Oct-1971 WO Gordon William Chidgey (F1332855) 50, RAF Spitalgate, UK.


30-Oct-1972 Cpl Thomas William Severnes (Y2402697) 42, RAF Innsworth UK. (He was in the group consisting of himself in a hire car and a Landrover with Norman Maskrey in the Acropolis area of Nicosia Cyprus where they were extracting RAF Living-Out people from the area during the Turk/Greek dispute in 1961-2. They came under fire from the Turks and Thomas was badly injured, although he made a recovery of sorts he still had a bullet lodged near his heart).


05-Feb-1973 Cpl David Angus Cameron (H8071406) 22, RAF West Raynham, UK.

17-Apr-1973 FS Donald Charles MacBeath (P4017469) RAF Leconfield, UK.

22-May-1973 Sgt John Fredrick Swansbury (V4066488) 41, RAF Bruggen Germany. He was killed on duty in a traffic accident near Hill 60 at RAF Bruggen.

07-Oct-1973 Cpl Stephen George Cook (D8083544) 20, RAF Episkopi Cyprus. (He was killed in motorcycle accident on Curium Hill Episkopi Cyprus).


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


05-Jun-1975 Sgt Albert Stott (F4044849) 43, RAF Northolt UK.

21-Dec-1975 Sgt William Russell (N2418979) 45, RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus


01-Mar-1976 Sgt Bryon James Annall (X3523409) 37, RAF Newton, UK.


02-Feb-1977 Cpl Michael Dennis McEvoy (T8095349) 26, RAF Abingdon UK.

28-Apr-1977 Sgt Robert Petrie Hill (K4183329) 38, RAF Nicosia Cyprus.

04-Sep-1977 Sgt Allen Sydney Godfrey (E4240737) 40, RAF Newton, UK.


07-Nov-1978 Cpl Andrew Leaper (Q8112306) 21, RAF Waddington, UK.


02-May-1979 Cpl James Gray (C8172958) 19, RAF Honington UK.


07-Jul-1980 Cpl Ronald Drew Pinker (K8131819) 33, RAF Bruggen Germany.

15-Oct-1981 Gp Capt James William Sharpe (2512678) 51, - CP&SyO RAF Germany. (Heart attack).

13-Nov-1981 FS Kenneth William Stone (Y4119107) 46, RAF Bruggen, RAF Germany.


12-Feb-1982 Flt Lt Thomas Anthony McGlinchey (4191973) 46, RAF Newton, UK.

08-Jul-1982 FS James Terence Collins (S3524624) 43, RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus.

17-Jul-1982 Cpl Gerald Charles Heyes (C8092106) 29, RAF Honington, UK.


16-Apr-1983 Cpl Paul Dean Clarke (L8126688) 25, RAF Chivenor, UK.


16-Feb-1984 Sgt Robert James White (G3522444) 45, RAF St Mawgan, UK.

05-Jun-1984 Sgt Raymond Cecil Riche (T3142463) 48, RAF Honington, UK.

22-Nov-1984 Cpl Julian Anthony Crowell (C8210505) 20, RAF Laarbruch Germany.

01-Dec-1984 Cpl David Wells (Q8182419) 23, RAF West Raynham, UK.


11-Feb-1985 Cpl George Stephen Crawford (J8075446) 34, RAF Rheindahlen Germany. Killed in the RAF Germany Band coach accident in Germany along with other RAF personnel.

03-Apr-1985 Cpl Susan Jennifer Fleming (T8230806) 25, RAF High Wycombe, UK.

12-Apr-1985 Sgt Paul Andrew Burbidge (F4276286) 40, RAF Rudloe Manor, UK.

17-Aug-1985 WO Michael Robert Gordon (W2721796) 51, RAF Rheindahlen, Germany.

10-May-1986 Cpl Mark William Head (D8184750) 25, RAF Chivenor, UK.

06-Jun-1986 Sgt Ian Richard Spencer (S8076914) 35, RAF Gibraltar.

23-Jul-1986 Sqn Ldr Peter John Milner (4232373D) 44, RAF Newton, UK.

05-Aug-1986 Sgt Jeffrey David Clark (G8101646) 31, RAF Kinloss, UK.

03-Sep-1986 WO Thomas Noel Snoddy (M4079950) 53, RAF Bishops Court Northern Ireland, UK.

20-Sep-1986 FS Francis Terris (A4147882) 50, RAF Brampton, UK.

08-Dec-86 Cpl Anthony Trevor Sollitt (T8205037) 25, RAF Brampton, UK.


30-May-1987 Cpl Antony Nicholson (J8253469) 20, RAF Bruggen Germany.


21-Jul-1988 Cpl Nigel John Widders (E8202208) 25, RAF High Wycombe, UK.


02-Apr-1989 WO Edward Eric Chidley (C4238138) 49, RAF Newton, UK.

29-Jun-1989 Cpl Julian Michael Paul Hart (E8222514) 25, RAF Bishops Court, Northern Ireland, UK.

12-Aug-1989 Cpl John Thomas Hartley (B2625289) 45, RAF Rheindahlen, Germany.

21-Aug-1989 Cpl John Charles Beaston (Q8193966) 26, RAF Belize, Central America.

24-Sep-1989 Cpl James Henderson Robb (Q8129832) 31, RAF Turnhouse Scotland UK.

29-Nov-1989 Sgt Anthony John Robinson (K8075903) 41, RAF Abingdon UK.


09-Apr-1990 Sgt David John Oakley (B4292005) 44, RAF Rheindahlen Germany.

30-May-1990 Cpl Richard Martyn Lewis (G8173125) 29, RAF High Wycombe, UK.

05-Jul-1990 FS Malcolm Robert Flitcroft BEM (Q4201467) 51, RAF Machrihanish

01-Sep-1990 Cpl Gavin James Johnstone (G8290490) 21, RAF Laarbruch Germany.

16-Sep-1990 Cpl Mark William Woolley (P8211206) 25, RAF Finningley UK.

19-Sep-1990 Sgt John McVicar McCaskill (R8103842) 44, RAF Lyneham UK.


22-Feb-1991 Cpl Stephen Mark Athey (G8225352) 24, RAF High Wycombe UK.

15-Mar-1991 Sgt John Belford (D8107460) 34, RAF Turnhouse Scotland UK.

17-Jun-1991 Sgt Andrew Robert Charlton (B8116254) 34, RAF Rheindahlen Germany.

18-Sep-1991 Cpl Simon Keith Rothwell (G8120195) 33, RAF Rheindahlen Germany.

10-Oct-1991 Cpl Westley John Turnpenny (J8249942) 24, RAF Bruggen Germany.


03-Jan-1992 Cpl Shaun Kenneth Hodgkins (T8221635) 26, Belize Central America.

15-May-92 Sgt Richard Howard Glover (D8110966) 38, RAF Hereford, UK.


11-Jan-1993 Cpl Andrew James Stott (E8212768) 27, RAF Bracknell, UK.

31-Mar-1993 Sgt Paul Raymond Robertson (C8177278) 32, RAF Gutersloh, Germany.


19-Apr-1994 Cpl Christopher John Powell (T8120777) 35, RAF Laarbruch Germany.

22-Feb-1994 Sgt Adain Alexandra Adams (L8109819) 42, RAF ST Athan UK.


06-Apr-1995 Cpl James William Rathie (T8222720) 32, RAF Innsworth, UK.

24-Apr-1995 Cpl David Paul Robinson (K8253058) 28, RAF Coltishall, UK.


29-May-1996 Cpl Gary Paul George Jackson (K8404463) 25, RAF Laarbruch, Germany.

29-Sep-1996 Cpl David Paul Thomas (G8211611) 32, RAF Aldergrove, Northern Ireland, UK.

08-Oct-1996 Cpl Matthew Charles Flinders (K8418974) 24, RAF Akrotiri Cyprus.


12-Feb-1997 Cpl William David Ferguson (H8171902) 36, RAF Innsworth, UK.

09-Sep-1997 Cpl David Robert Todd (Q8411071) 25, RAF Halton UK.


19-Feb-1998 Sgt Peter Brian Davies (D8100180) 45, P&SS(SR) Halton UK.

03-May-1998 FS Peter Fallon (A8097873) 50, RAF Cosford UK.


07-Jan-1999 Cpl Stephen George Lowrie (F8417294) 31, RAF Coningsby, UK

31-May-1999 Sgt Roger Davidson (T8107964) 43, RAF Cranwell, UK.

15-Aug-1999 Flt Lt Nicholas Arkless (8253352K) 33, P&SS(CR) RAF Cranwell, UK.


21-May-2000 Flt Lt Stuart John Rich (0210201W) 44, RAF Henlow UK.

04-Sep-2000 Sgt John Robert Moodie (H8173869) 40, RAF Leeming, UK.

08-Dec-2000 Cpl Derek Stephenson (Q8248002) 33, RAF Aldergrove Northern Ireland, UK.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


10-Nov-2002 Cpl Kerry Louise Richardson (F8311258) 20, RAF St Mawgan UK.

Cpl Martin Roberts RAF Honington 2002/3 – Died as a result of throat Cancer? Not listed on NMA data base?


04-Feb-2003 Cpl Steven John Petrie (R8436005) 25, RAF Cranwell UK.

26-Feb-2003 Cpl Darren Springthorpe (H8442572) 29, RAF Valley UK.

19-May-2003 Cpl David John Shepherd (P8407151) 34, Rhino Camp, Kuwait.

20-Sep-2003 Cpl Mark Sellars (D8448334) 22, RAF Marham, UK.


15-Nov-2004 FS Mark Timbrell (R8191642) 41, RAF Lyneham UK.


16-Apr-2005 Flt Lt Nicholas John Finn (2647036R) 38, RAF Waddington, UK.

31-Jul-2005 Flt Lt Ian Philip Wood (5208996X) 26, RAF Lossiemouth, UK.


09-Jun-2006 Cpl John Joseph Kennedy (P8511630) 24, RAF Aldergrove, UK.


02-Feb-2007 Cpl David Allen (K8503678) 26, CJPU Cyprus - Traffic Accident.

13-Aug-2007 WO Roger Glyn Thomas (Q8106920) 52, RAF Henlow UK.


25-Jan-2008 Cpl Paul Nigel Magee (30000022) 21, RAF Aldergrove UK.


17-Aug-2009 WO Timothy Parker (R8215838) 46, RAF Henlow UK.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


08-Jun-2011 Sgt Kevin Peter Hall (C8246330) 47, No 6 RAFP Sqn RAF Halton, UK.


12-May-2012 Cpl Brent John McCarthy (30059891) (25), No 7 RAFP Sqn RAF Brize Norton, UK. KIA in Afghanistan after being shot dead by a rogue member of the Afghan National Police in Lashkar Gah, Helmand province.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


No records are available, but if you can help identify any member of the branch who was killed or died whilst serving over this period, then please contact the author.


23-Sep-2017 Cpl Irene Wendy Lifke (30119011) 58, No 3TPS, RAF Honington UK.


23-Apr-2018 Cpl Christina L Bentley, Defence Animal Centre, Melton Mowbray, UK.

20-Dec-2018 Cpl Leanne Carroll, No 605 Sqn RAuxAF Edinburgh, UK.


Feb-2019 Wg Cdr Jennifer Catherine Mills, UK.

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